Beach Clean Up – De Costa Bay, Protaras

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Dragon Divers Perform Beach Clean Up

Date – 15th February 2014  Time – 0900 hours  Event – Clean De Costa Bay of all rubbish

2014 02 15 Beach Clean Up (6) 2014 02 15 Beach Clean Up (5) 2014 02 15 Beach Clean Up (4)

Local British volunteers have carried out the first of many Beach Clean Up Events to make our diving in Cyprus better.  After using De Costa Bay to carry out training dives over the last few weeks, the Staff from Dragon Divers decided something needed to be done about he amount of trash, rubbish and debris that recent storms had washed up on the beach.  A call was put out to the Dragons diving community for volunteers to come and help clear up this lovely secluded beach area.

As you can see from the pictures above, the beach was in a very sorry state and on the morning of Saturday 15th February 2014, fifteen volunteers turned out to begin a clean up of the area.  Although the beach was the main effort, eight out of the fifteen volunteers also took to the water to remove debris unseen by your day to day passer by.  Four divers from the Dragon Divers Dive Club, assisted by another 4 divers from the BSAC Eastern Cyprus Sub Aqua Club donned their equipment and entered the water after receiving a dive brief from Dragon Divers Owner and Chief Instructor, Mick Smith.  Armed with net bags, 4 two man/woman dive teams set out to collect rubbish lying amongst the rocks and on the sea bed  Rubbish collecting is not exactly a exciting way to spend a Saturday morning, but after being tasked with cleaning up specific areas out in the bay, the buddy teams had to use underwater navigations skills before their collecting could commence.

2014 02 15 Beach Clean Up (11)2014 02 15 Beach Clean Up (16)

First Buddy team into the water was John Buxton and Ray Bowler (shown left) who are regular divers with the Dragons.  Second team into the water (shown right) was Ossie Osborne who is a member of the EC SAC and Harald Gjermundrod another regular diver with the Dragons.

2014 02 15 Beach Clean Up (18)2014 02 15 Beach Clean Up (20)

Third team into the water (shown left) was Dean Johns who dives with both the Dragons and the EC SAC and Helen Staves from the EC SAC.  Finally the last team into the water (no surprise there) was Paul Nosworthy from Team Dragon and Antony Grist from the EC SAC (shown right).

 Whilst the divers were out blowing bubbles and collecting rubbish from under the water, the surface team (the hard workers) were left the bigger task of clearing the beach.  Lorrie Smith and Jan Nosworthy (below left) from Team Dragon together with regular Dragon Divers, Howard Passes (below centre) and Phoebe Barley (below right) started the beach clean up operation.  Later in the morning, Shirley Buxton and Rose Bowler joined the beach team and after a couple of hours all the rubbish had been removed from the beach.

2014 02 15 Beach Clean Up (7)  2014 02 15 Beach Clean Up (14)  2014 02 15 Beach Clean Up (9)

A majority of the rubbish consisted of plastic bottles, plastic lids and various other articles made from plastic.  There was also quite a lot of foam packaging (like the stuff you find packed around new electrical items) was found on the shore line.  Other items such as glass bottles, broken glass and even a few hyperdermic needles were recovered but kept separate from the other rubbish.

Just under an hour after the first dive team entered the water, they started to return with their bags of swag.  A number of different items were recovered including fishing nets, piping, Perspex, tin cans and the duty car tyre. In all ten large bin bags of debris and rubbish was collected by the volunteers before returning the dive centre to was and sort out all the equipment used.  Once complete we headed off to The Greenery Pub for a well earned Brunch.

2014 02 15 Beach Clean Up (34)  2014 02 15 Beach Clean Up (36)  2014 02 15 Beach Clean Up (30)

To see more pictures taken during the clean up event click here

Article by Mick Smith (Dragon Divers)

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