Discover Scuba Diving Experience In Protaras

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Experiencing Scuba Diving For The First Time!

On 20th July 2014 Dragon Divers welcomed 6 student divers to the Dive Centre.  Preparations to introduce them to the underwater world by carrying out a Discover Scuba Diving Experience In Protaras began.  All the paperwork was completed and equipment fitted, checked and assembled.  We then moved to our air conditioned classroom to watch the PADI Discover Scuba Diving DVD to keep our divers comfortable in the searing heat we have over here in Cyprus.  Once the DVD was finished our Master Instructor, Mick Smith, explained the minor difference between what was mentioned on the DVD to what we offer here at Dragon Divers.  The changes are miniscule but include the fact that all the training is done at our Confined Water Training Site and not in a swimming pool.  The mask skill is also introduced before removing and clearing the regulator skill.

Green BayOnce the briefing was complete we moved to Green Bay just down the road and started the in-water training.  One of the divers didn’t like the feeling of the mask on his face once he put his head in the water and despite our efforts to help him calm down and try to overcome his fears, he decided that it wasn’t for him and asked to leave the water.  It is our intention to make every effort to ensure that every diver that tries this experience with us, gets the best possible chance to try and push themselves that little bit further, but on this occasion we could not convince him to carry on so one of our Dive Masters escorted him out of the water to help him de-kit.  Shortly after this another one of the divers’ nose started to bleed a little.  Not being a doctor and there being no reason for the nose to start bleeding, Master Instructor Mick, decided that he could not risk taking this young diver any further in the training without consulting a medical practitioner.

So after splitting the group into two groups of three the two instructor were now down to 2 divers each.  The skills then continued without losing anyone else but two of the girls were not quite sure that they wanted to venture into deeper waters.  Mick and Paul Nosworthy (Instructor) are both masters and helping new divers to push themselves that little bit further without the divers thinking that they are being forced to continue and it worked with the four remaining divers reaching the maximum depth of 10 metres where we had a photo session at the statues.  As the length of the dive increases all four divers started to relax more as their confidence grew and grew with one of them attempting a “head Spin” when we were at 10 metres.

The rest of the dive went extremely well and after 41 minutes under the water, all divers emerged exited and delighted at what they had achieved, especially the two girls that almost got out of the water before starting the dive phase of the experience.  Instructors for the Discover Scuba Diving Experience In Protaras were Mick Smith & Paul Nosworthy aided by Jan Nosworthy, Dive Master and Stephen Maclaren (Dive Master Trainee).

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