Shore Dive Sites

De Costa Bay

De Costa Bay

A beach entry dive site suitable for complete beginners.  Maximum depth 15m.  De Costa Bay is a perfect location to go for a nice relaxing shallow dive.  Plenty of marine life to see from Branded Bream, numerous Wrasse’s and Damsel fish to Moray Eels, Octopus and you might even find the resident Sea Horse or catch one of the many Turtles that feed in the area.  The secluded beach also offers a place to relax after the dive as the centre is only a 5 minute walk away.



6 Green Bay (2) Green Bay

Green Bay is a Confined Open Water Dive site that is ideal for check dives, training dives and beginners experience dives.  With a walk in entrance and initial depths similar to that of a swimming pool it makes Green Bay the ideal location to carry out Open Water Divers Courses.  Green Bay offers a unique opportunity to monitor the marine life at very close distance as the fish are used to divers being down there.  Spending a couple of minutes at “Fish Rock” is definitely worth it as you will see Twin Branded Bream, Damsel Fish, Ornate Wrasse to name a few. If lucky you will get to see a Barracuda in hunting mode as he swims around the fish looking for his next meal.  If this is not your ideal photo opportunity then maybe the statues at 10m will be more your thing.  No need to worry about damaging the statues as they have not been down there for years, but who at home knows that?  Dives can last from 30 minutes to over an hour dependant on your air consumption.

Green Bay II

Although we park the truck at the same location, if we head off to the East instead of North from Green Bay we can dive to depths of 20m over some rugged rocky terrain.  the bottom composition of rocks and sea grass make some of the underwater ravines look spectacular.  You will also swim through some holes in the rocks known as “swim-through’s” to reach the deeper area.  Same marine life as Green Bay but Turtles are seen frequently in this area as they cut through from one feeding ground to another.

Konnos Point7 Konnos Point

Konnos Point, Cape Greko is one of the most popular sites in the Cape Greko area.  The rock formations to the North make a very interesting dive as we search amongst the rocks looking for Moray Eels and Octopus’ before swimming out over the Neptunes Grass at the deeper depths.  this site has something for all levels as dives can be planned for 6m, 12m, 18m dives to depth as deep as 40m+.  An excellent site to complete Open Water Divers Courses so that the 18m depth can be accomplished as well as numerous adventure dives.  There is the possibility of carrying out two different dives.  One is to the North and the other is to the South East over Neptunes grass swimming round the numerous fishing nets that have been caught on the rugged terrain and left.  This the gentler dive of the two can reach depths of 20m.

8 The Chapel The Chapel

The Chapel (shown in the picture) sit on top of a cliff where two sets of steps take you down to the waters edge.  Known as the wooden steps and metal steps (make up of handrails) distinguish the two sites.  The wooden steps has the easier entry/exit point as the steps are used by the tenders of boats moored up in the bay.  After dropping in from the steps (side wards roll) depths of 25m can be reached whilst following the head land around towards the second entry/exit point but we turn around decrease our depth and head back to the initial entry point.  The Metal Steps has a similar bottom composition but greater depth can be reached quicker.  45m+ can be achieved but unfortunately there is nothing to see at these depths except Neptune Grass.  Staying around  25m gives you the best opportunity to see the local marine life.  the chapel is a favourite destination for the party boats as you have the opportunity to “Jump” from the cliffs into the 6-8m water safely.

9 Tunnels & Caves

Tunnels & Caves

This spectacular dive site offers something for the adventurous.  At depths of 12 -15m we can swim into underwater caves and tunnels.  However this site is extremely safe as all caves have an opening at either end.  Although dark in the centre portion of the cave the light from both entry and exit can be clearly seen and can be undertaken without the use of torches.  We however will carry torches so we can investigate what lies in the dark and shadows within the caves.  With the longest cave being only around 15m long it has a large hole in the roof half way along so no extra training is required to explore the underwater tunnels.  After a dive of around 45 minutes exploring the tunnels and caves we will exit through the “blow hole”, an exit few have encountered unless they have dived here previously.

10 The Canyon

The Canyon

The Canyon offer two totally different dives, a wall dive and a shallow reef dive.  Once exiting the Canyon if you turn left you swim along the cliff bottom where it meets the sandy floor at a depth of around 18m.  After following the bottom contour for about 80 bar we then turn around reduce depth to around 12m and then dive along the wall on the way back to the exit point.  If you turn left out of the canyon and follow the rock formations you will see a reef at 18m that leaves the mainland.  You can make it all around the reef before turning back and exploring the steep rocky banks of the shore line and small canyons on the way back.  The site is only useable dependant on local conditions as the canyon can become a “washing machine” with swells of less that 0.5m.