Hillary Reid“I have to say this has been the most awesome thing i have ever done. I’m starting my advanced course next month.

My instructor is damn awesome!

If you ever award the best instructors mine should get the gold medal.

he has been so patient and understanding!"

Hillary Reid

Stuart SmithThis last week has been exceptional for my 10year old daughter, Isabella who yesterday qualified as a PADI Junior Open Water Diver. This was all down to the instructional abilities of Mick Smith, who demonstrated professionalism, patience & above all enthusiasm. Ably supported by Lorrie above water & Jan below water, the team allayed any apprehensions Isabella had at the start of a session & they all returned from each dive buzzing.

It is a significant decision to let someone teach your child to dive, especially as an Instructor from a different diving organisation that doesn't recognise 10 year olds as young divers. I thought long & hard as to who I would entrust my daughter because there is a huge choice of diver centres in Cyprus, but in the end Dragon Divers stood out amongst the competition.

If I was to try to summarise why I whole heartedly recommend Dragon Divers, I would say it is because of their positive attitude towards new divers. They are not condescending instructors but a team who work hard to ensure that they are, not only as their moto says, 'Putting the Fun back in Diving', but I believe they work hard to start a new diver's career by ensuring they 'Put the Fun in to diving' from the beginning whilst providing all the necessary safety considerations.

Thanks again Mick & the team at Dragon Divers. Isabella will be along shortly with her new Junior Open Water Certification Card so she can rent some kit from you & go diving with her patents off the many great sites in the Cape Greco area.

Visited August 2013

Stuart Smith

Naran GurungI chose Dragon Divers having met Mick at the Dive club and having spoken about the course for my two 12 years old boys. I also like the idea of learning in Green Bay and not in the swimming pool. My boys were quite eager to learn having done a try dive beforehand. I was even allowed to attend the lessons and dive with the boys so that I could see how the lessons were delivered and to see the boys diving with ease under Mick's expert guidance.
It took the boys 3 mornings and a day to qualify as a PADI Open Water Diver and they passed their theories too. We then took them to Zenobia where we dived as a family of 5, it was magical to be able to dive as a family on the Zenobia. All in all, I found Mick to be extremely capable, helpful, friendly and patient and it was certainly money well spent. I would highly recommend Dragon Divers to anyone wanting to learn to dive.Also thanks to his lovely wife for those hot tea and coffees. Btw, Mick also made a special video DVD of the boys diving and it looked really great. Thanks Mick!

Visited July 2013

Naran Gurung

At the start of the summer, I arrived at Dragon Divers with only an Open Water Qualification and four dives under my belt. 8 weeks later I left Cyprus a fully qualified Dive Master with 80+ dives to my name and an absolutely fantastic experience at a great dive school.

Dragon Diver's is run by Mick and Lorrie Smith. I would like to thank them for their friendship and help throughout my time there. Mick in particular, has instructed, coached and mentored me. He and Noz, his assistant instructor, have a great attitude and approach towards diving. They made it clear what the standards of a professional Dive Master should be. They also made it clear that diving is to be enjoyed, that it is an experience, supports the Cypriot tourist industry and needs to be delivered in a friendly, fun and enjoyable way.

I would recommend Dragon Diver's to anybody who has even the slightest interest in learning the dive profession. The staff are brilliant, genuine and friendly. South Cyprus is a great place to dive from with one of the World's leading Wreck sites, the Zenobia. I hope to return with a group of friends in the future.

All the best to Mick, Lorrie, Noz and Jan, you made my two months there brilliant, funny and I'm so pleased to have met you all. I can't thank you all enough!

Charlie Collicutt

My wife and I choose to learn to dive with Dragon Divers on the recommendation from friends who had recently qualified as advanced open water divers. Mick Smith proved to be an excellent instructor whose professionalism, energy and enthusiasm for diving proved to be infectious. We have now attended and passed both our Open Water and Advanced Open water courses and have continued to dive along side Mick for fun and training.

His approach is second to none and I can heartily recommend his Dive School to anyone who has a desire to learn to dive or progress through the myriad of diving courses he offers. We began our diving journey in Oct 12 and were impressed by Mick Smiths knowledge and style of instruction, collectively we have dived 40 times with Dragon Divers and we will continue to do so whilst we live in Cyprus.

The highlight of both our diving experiences to date has been his guided dives of the Xenobia where is knowledge and experience of the site has offered us the opportunity to explore vast swaths of one of the most impressive wreck dive sites in the world. A diving trip to Cyprus would not be complete without a series of guided tours with Mick to the Xenobia.

My wife and I are most grateful for Mick’s assistance and guidance whilst we learned to dive and more importantly his help in purchasing the very best equipment for divers of our standard.

Johnny and Alba Austin - Advanced Open Water Divers

John & Alba Austin

I started to dive recreationally in 2009 after only doing a very limited amount of military diving previously and finding it no fun at all. I worked with Mick at the time and this was where my relationship with Dragon Divers was to begin.
I completed my Open water & Advanced all within 2 weeks and this was not enough. I needed more and spent almost every day with Mick racking up the dives I needed and the specialities to achieve Master Scuba Diver status. I was that impressed I convinced my wife to sign up for the open water course with Dragon Divers. At this point I got posted back to the UK although I was loaded on the Dragon Divers annual trip to Egypt 2 months later.
This was the first time I saw Mick hand over the reins to another dive professional and although I know he enjoyed it he still kept an eye on all his dragons.
Now back to present day and I have just returned back to the UK after spending a very challenging two weeks back in the fold of Dragon Divers completing the Dive Master course. Mick was a fantastic mentor. He was both uncompromising with his very high standards yet ensured the course was always fun. I was let loose with some of the clients that came diving with Dragon Divers and this all added to the whole experience.
I cannot recommend Dragon Divers highly enough for providing an exceptional level of fun coming only slightly second to safety. Having been fortunate enough to dive with a few dive providers in Australia & Thailand it just highlights how good Mick really is.
Mick, thanks for the training and opening the doors for me into the professional world of diving and I’ll be out there with the 4 kids to complete their Open water courses next year. Need a Dive Master??

Stu Farley DM #317055

I am now a Mater Scuba Diver Trainer (MSDT) actively working part time with AL MAHARA Dive Centre in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates as an Instructor and working towards my Instructor Development Course (IDC) Staff Instructor qualification.

Having qualified as a Master Scuba Diver (MSD) along with my wife Pamela through DRAGON DIVERS in 2010, I decided to take up the Pro Challenge and undertook my first steps with Mick who took me for my Dive Master (DM) course. The training was tough, uncompromising and at times pushed me to the limit but makes you "better than the rest" and sets you up for a successful professional career in diving. So if you want to take up the Pro Challenge, start with DRAGON DIVERS.

I owe a great deal to DRAGON DIVERS and in particular Mick who set me off on my journey as PADI Professional two years ago and in addition to keeping the “fun in diving” showed me that passion and respect for our underwater world, unequivocal and uncompromising safety and standards and compassion and understanding for students are the key to success as an Instructor. It is a philosophy I have adopted throughout my own training and whilst teaching – it works and is welcomed by all students; young to old, over-confident to scared and above all in the multi-cultural and multi-ethnic environment in which I currently teach.

I look at my peers now and as I carry out my continuing education and training and see that Mick and DRAGON DIVERS gave me the best possible start as a PADI Professional. I will continue to live up to the DRAGON DIVERS credo and ensure all my students and clients keep that sense of “fun in diving” always – after all it is not meant to be real work!

Paul Warwick
Master Scuba Diver Trainer (MSDT)

Planning a trip to Cyprus July 2012, I wanted to take in some diving.
A search engine led me to Dragon Divers, and after exchanging a few e-mails I booked my Rescue Diver course.
On the day I arrived at the shop I was given a warm welcome, Mick and Lorraine made me feel at home immediately.
The course was all I expected and more, I felt so at ease with Micks' style of instruction that I continued on to do my EAN course whilst there, not to mention several other dives to boot !(the Zenobia is a must!)
Mick, Lorraine and the team aim to put "the fun" back into diving and they certainly do!
My advice is to make sure you book in advance , you will not go far wrong with Dragon Divers, and the busy schedule they have can only be testament to the popularity of Dragon Divers.

Steve Barnett
PADI Rescue Diver

Rebecca Hemming Becks Hemming started her diving experience with Dragon Divers and said:

I started diving with Mick in 2010 after my friends convinced me to give it a go, having some reservations I did a try dive, it was awesome. I decided I needed to start some courses to help with my confidence in the water. I had one blip (wee bit of panic on the surface) that if it hadn't been for Mick calming me down I would not have continued, thank god for his calm approach! We laughed about it after.... So that was that, within days I had completed my open water course and was soon on to the advanced course. We had loads of fun and I loved being in the water, the things you get to see and experience are out of this world. I am now night qualified and deep and wreck qualified. Unfortunately I am no longer in Cyprus but will be back in the summer to carry on, there are so many dive sites I am yet to see, the wrecks and cave dives are brilliant, the visibility and night life on the night dives are mind blowing, we got to see some weird and wonderful things. The wreck dives were amazing; you could spend all day under the water exploring, so much to see. On one of the wrecks (Zenobia) at 40m there are eggs, some still whole just sat there. There are rugs still draped, the kitchen is visible and the size of the lorries was bizarre, one hell of ship! I did a fair few dives and still have not seen half of it. We went on to the Alexandria too, loved this one, you could see from one end to the other from above it was lovely. We had a good nose about and took some wicked pics! Def one of my favourites. Loved the caves dives, thought it would have been quite claustrophobic but you are so busy looking for stuff you don’t notice. Mick couldn’t decide one day whether or not to take me to a site that he dives to wind down. Not a site he normally takes customers to, but so glad he did. It was by the Dhekelia Power Station and the dive ends in some fast moving water whoop whoop, The water was warm so there were crabs everywhere, we saw an octopus out in the open in the day time which is almost unheard of, he soon swam away but got pics, he was huge..... On our way to shore I swam over a huge crab, pity I didn’t have a camera as by the time I got Mick the crab had swam away. As you can tell I have had a wicked time!!!! Cheers Mick and of course Nos (Dive Master) 🙂

can’t wait to get back in the water........ 🙂 Awesome....

Rebecca Hemming - Advanced Open Water Diver - United Kingdom - May 2011

Rebecca Hemming

Jenny BeckJenny - The Ultimate Accident Prone Female!!

I first contacted Mick in May 09, after hearing rave reviews from people I was working with at the time. Mick loves diving and as the Dragon Divers Moto goes, he’s all about “putting the fun back into diving”.

I’ve done all my courses with Mick, from my Open Water to Rescue Diver and travelled back to Cyprus to do my Nitrox Course. The reason I went back to Cyprus all the way from Northern Ireland, is because I have all the confidence in the world in Mick and the Dragon Divers brand, he is a brilliant instructor, and has, quite literally saved my life twice!!

The first time Mick saved my life was day one: Sam, the other female on my course had some trouble with her mask, and I tried to surface without inflating my jacket properly, even though the experience lasted no more than a few seconds, I thought I was a goner, but Mick, cool as ever inflated my jacket, lay me back and calmed me down. From that moment I knew I was in good hands. The second time was a little more serious!

Since leaving Cyprus I have managed to get involved in a once in a lifetime opportunity, I’m off round the COCO Islands tagging Hammerhead Sharks. But before I departed on the expedition, I was told that I had to increase my diving experience by doubling the quantity of my dives, passing my EANx (Nitrox) Course and start working towards my Master Scuba Diver. The first person I thought to call was Mick, and true to is word he helped me out.

When I come around, Mick said it was the longest 3 minutes of his life…………. You see my dive buddy Stu and I, joined Mick on a dive on the Zenobia, diving on EANx (Nitrox) After a very successful first dive on Zenobia, 1 of the top 10 wreck dives in the world, we started to descend on the second dive of the day. As a Rescue Diver I should have picked up on the signs that something wasn’t quite right, but as a stubborn female I pushed myself through it…….. Mick was watching the less experienced divers while they were going through their buoyancy control, and I started to feel dizzy, similar to having one too many on a night out. When trying to swim behind the group I felt like I was on a treadmill going the wrong way, Stu stopped to see what the hell I was up to, I signalled that I wanted to go back to the surface. This was at 26m and then next thing I remember was Mick tapping my mask and as I opened my eyes, I saw Mick’s face holding onto me, a dead weight, and the ascent line. Mick had already lifted me up to around 10m and cool as a cucumber he carried on with the ascent to the surface. Whilst removing my kit on the move he towed me back to the boat where I was hauled onto the deck. My 7mm long wet suit was stripped from my body and was covered in towels after being put on emergency oxygen. I remember Stu and Mick leaning over me saying everything is going to be fine as he instructed one of the other divers to call EMS and told the others to start stripping their kit to keep them out the way. Throughout the incident Mick was in total control and his professionalism was second to none. The hospital gave me the all clear after some blood tests were carried out and told me that I had suffered from a combination of mild hyperthermia. Stu took me back to Micks place where we sat and talked about the incident in detail and talked me into getting back into the water the following day. If I hadn’t got straight back in I don’t think I would have dived again and the expedition to the COCO Islands would have only been a dream.

I have since completed the expedition and I had the time of my life.

All I can really say is that, diving with Mick has been the best experience of my life, the skills and knowledge he gave me, has given me opportunities that I would never be experiencing now if it wasn’t for him. I will always been thankful for the professionalism, care and friendships that I found with Dragon Divers.

The way Mick is able to “Put the fun back into Diving!” second only to safety, is a winning combination and should be experienced by all divers travelling to Cyprus.

So Thanks Mick and I hope to dive with you again soon!

Jenny Beck - Rescue Diver - Coventry, England - April 2010

Jenny Beck

Mike NoakesMike started his diving experience with Dragon Divers and said

Having now completed both Open water, and Advanced open water courses with Dragon Divers, because of the quality of instruction and relaxed learning I look forward to covering more courses. Mick makes learning fun, and when you’re not on a dead line it makes its much more comfortable, and easier to pick up the essential skills needed. With his enthusiasm, knowledge, and professionalism any dive is in safe hands.

Mike Noakes - Advanced Open Water Diver - Dhekelia, Cyprus August - 2010

Mike Noakes

Paul decided to "Go Pro" with Dragon Divers and said

"DRAGON DIVERS - Putting the Fun back into Diving". Fun, demanding and challenging, that is what taking up the professional challenge means. I was privileged to have undertaken my Dive Master (DM) Training alongside Harry (co Founder of DRAGON DIVERS) and under the unequivocal and uncompromising standards of Mick Smith for whom we were his first. Acting as the "Dive Bitch" on escorted dives was only the outward signs of a DM which many saw, behind was the demanding physical tests and assessments, the theoretical and practical education and the just and right exceptionally high standards demanded by Mick. I have seen other DMs, and discussed their training; DRAGON DIVERS is tough, uncompromising and will push you but makes you "better than the rest" and sets you up for a professional career in diving - thank you.

Be all you can be with DRAGON DIVERS - be the Best

Paul Warwick - Dive Master - England - October 2009

Paul Warwick

Levi carried out a DSD IN August 2010 with Dragon Divers and said:

Myself and my partner really enjoyed the dive, your Dive Master (Paul Nosworthy) was extremely good making our day fun and adventurous, thank you.

Levi Scarlet - England

Levi Scarlet

Sean Larrangton-WhiteSean tried a DSD in February 2009 with Dragon Divers and said:

"I have never scuba dived before, and had only snorkelled in a swimming pool some years ago. Due to an incident as a kid in the sea, I get naturally anxious at times when I can't touch the sea bottom with my feet. I had heard a lot about Harry and his school however and thought I would give it a try. What an amazing experience! A new underwater world opened before me, just like you see on the television documentaries, only in real life. At one stage, my old anxiety returned, but Harry was there and helped me through it, and in no time at all I was back following fish and exploring life on the sea bed. I can't recommend Harry and Dragon Divers enough!"

Sean Larrangton-White - England

Sean Larrangton-White

Charlie has dived with Dragon Divers on guided tours of the Zenobia and a number of different shore dives and said:

"I have been diving with Dragon Divers for a little under a year and have learnt that their motto "Putting the fun back into diving" is spot on.
The dive trips are well planned and executed, always with the minimum of delay and fuss; and always with the fun just behind safety.
The after dive briefings have continued my diving development beyond my Advance Diver status to a level where I now feel confident to start my Rescue Divers course.
For any diver with any amount of diving experience who are living or visiting Cyprus, I fully recommend Dragon Divers".

Charlie Harmon - Advanced Diver - Nicosia

Charlie Harmon

Emily WallacottEmily joined Dragon Divers on our guided tours of the Zenobia and said:

"Having dived in various locations around the world the Zenobia is one dive site i feel the need to do more and more they were a couple of amazing dives and i felt comfortable and confident with Mick and Harry as my dive guides. I can't wait to get out to Cyprus again and get on that wreck with my 2 favourite guides. Thanks for everything i had an amazing time."

Emily Wallacott - Assistant Instructor - England

Emily Wallacott

Pam and Paul joined Dragon Divers on our various guided tours and said:

"DRAGON DIVERS - Putting the Fun back into Diving". Pamela and I's association goes back almost 2 years to the inception of DRAGON DIVERS and since then we have both enjoyed the company of Harry and Mick on numerous dives around the island of Cyprus in the North and the South both socially and on courses. I think we are almost Membership Numbers 1 and 2? We have dived some exciting and demanding sites (ZENOBIA wreck), some less demanding but hugely pleasurable sites and had the opportunity to interact with life in our seas.

We have also both qualified as Master Scuba Divers (MSD) under Mick's tutelage who took us for our Rescue Diver Course and a number of our specialities. The whole experience was hugely rewarding, challenging at times but always laced with that sense of fun and humour as well as patience and understanding. I would strongly recommend DRAGON DIVERS to anyone wishing to take a "Try Dive" (Discover Scuba Diving - DSD) or wishing to take up diving as a sport (we do it as a couple?). Whilst safety is paramount, you will always find a friendly face willing to help and if need be take you through it slowly. Don't let age be a worry either, we took up diving when we were 50!

Paul and Pamela Warwick - Master Scuba Divers - England - Oct 2009

Paul and Pamela Warwick

Marilyn SpencerI did my 1st dive with Dragon Divers (Mick & Harry) on 22 November 2008 and qualified as a Rescue Diver on Mick's 1st course after qualifying as a PADI Instructor.
Since then i have done over 40 dives with Mick and his "fun" attitude to teaching diving and his endless patience builds confidence.
His love of diving is what makes diving with him more fun.

So cheers Buddy and here's to many many more dives with Dragon Divers.

Marilyn Spencer Limassol Cyprus - March 2011

Marilyn Spencer